What My Customers Say


An elephant crazy customer ordered an Ellie Elephant in Lavender Luxury. I always do follow up messages to check that everything is satisfactory. This is the reply I got. “It’s too cute to melt. It smells amazing but don’t want to melt it”This did make me smile because I too can’t bear to melt my 3D makes. Nevertheless I can report that this customer has ordered more 3D melts since. 

Too cute


Hi everyone.

I want to try and make your shopping experience as easy as possible. I understand that you don't want to sit there for hours searching for the perfect card or gift.

Thats why i have made pages for you to use specifically designed for every item i make, these pages have sub sections in them so again you can find that card or gift easier. Just look above and find the page your looking for.

However, if you prefer to browse my whole range of products you can stay on this page as it has all of them on.

Kim x

Happy shopping!