My Household Items

As with all the products i make and sell my household products are all fully tested before i put them for sale. I use the highest quality supplies when making products to ensure you get the best items.

The carpet fresh product is new and i have been testing this for 3 months to ensure the best coverage and fragrance is available for you. At the moment i only have a few fragrances available, however over the next few months i will be adding to the list of available fragrances.

Diffusers, again this is a new product that i have been testing for 7 months. These are perfect for any room in the home. Again i have started with a few fragrances to see how you all feel about them.

My room fresheners can be used anywhere, when i say anywhere i mean that. i have customers who have bought them for the car, bathroom,wardrobe and downstairs toilet to mention just a few places. These items are made of  a special clay, i buy these from a small business. I pre-scent them and provide a 10ml bottle of fragrance for you to top up when required. i have a variety of designs available and i can make these in any fragrance i have.

The room sprays are very popular. These can be used anywhere, i do advise customers not to spray directly onto soft furnishings. At the moment i have a couple of fragrances available but will be widening the variety in the next few months.

If you have any questions or would like any more information then please don't hesitate to contact me.