My Candles

The wax i use for my candles is specifically for making candles in containers. It is the highest quality Soy wax available. I have tested lots of wax and this is by far the best with the most amazing burn and fragrance throw.The same applies to my pillar candles. It's a different type of wax , but is still a soy wax and of the highest quality. It provides an amazing scent throw and burns smoothly.

I use wooden wicks in all my container candles. The wicks give a softer glow the the typical wicks and ribbon wicks. Also once lit the wooden wicks make a crackling sound and in my opinion, it is very relaxing. In my pillar candles i use a cotton wick. these burn lovely and evenly.

All the containers that i use are designed for use with candles. You should only burn a candle for 4 hours at a time and keep the wick trimmed.I explain in more detail how to care and get the most from your candle in the care leaflet that is with every order.

Before i make any style of candle available i test it. I test for flame size, fragrance, burn time plus to check the container doesn't get too hot. I have tested a lot of containers and wicks. I have been testing the ones available for around 10 months to get them perfect.  Once i am completely happy then i make them available to buy. So rest assured they are going to be amazing. 

If you have any questions regarding buying a candle or even if you have bought one and need advice , please contact me and i will help.